Clear Life Cycle History Job Creation

This job provides a deletion of table ANLICLOG. This table is the life cycle log. It is for internal use only and it is not shown in any screen of the user interface.

To create a Clear Life Cycle History job:

  1. From the Work with Jobs window, click New.
  2. In the List of Jobs section, select the Clear Life Cycle History job.
  3. In the General section, select the appropriate Machine IdandCompany name.
  4. Click Apply.

    The Secondary Options window appears:

    Figure 1. BLCCLR - Clear Life Cycle History Secondary Options

    BLCCLR - Clear Life Cycle History Secondary Options

  5. In the Secondary Options window, specify values for the following fields:
    • Remove History Before - Removes all Life Cycle information before the selected date.
    • Reorganize Table - Performs a reorganization of the table after removing the Life Cycle information.