Test environment creation

After all files have been allocated for extraction, launching the Test Environment Creation job is the final step in creating the test environment.

To create a Test Environment Creation job:

  1. Create a new Test Environment Creation job from the Work with Jobs area in the Data Builder module. See Job Creation in the Front End Guide for basic instructions. The Secondary Options window for the Test Environment Creation job is displayed.
  2. Specify the names of the Group and Method from the corresponding drop-down lists. If desired, specify the range of steps for which you want to launch the elaboration.
  3. Specify the remaining information as appropriate:
    • Extraction Type
      • Access Path Simulation - Simulates the path to the output files.
      • Simulation - If this parameter is set, the generated JCL will run the method in simulation, without populating the output files (doing a first run in simulation is always recommended in order to calculate spaces).
      • Real Extraction - If this parameter is set real extraction is performed.
    • Discard Unchanged Files - For DB2 tables only, choose this function to discard from the allocation JCL, all DB2 tables belonging to the current method that are neither reduced nor masked.
    • Run Deletion - If this parameter is set, a deletion of all results of previous extractions for the same step range is performed.
    • Run Extraction - If this parameter is set, the execution of the extractions for the selected step range is performed
  4. Click OK to submit the job.
  5. Wait for the test environment creation phase to be completed.