Load ADABAS Data Stores

Data Express does not support a direct link to the ADABAS catalog. Instead, you must use the ADABAS FDT Report to generate an output sequential file that details the structure of the ADABAS tables. This sequential file is then used to load your ADABAS data store information into the Data Express Knowledge Base.

However, in order to load the table information into the KB, you must specify the output sequential file while submitting the job Load Data Store Information from External Interface (see the section Load Data Store Information From External Interface Job in the chapter Work with Jobs in the Front End Guide.)

For information about the sequential file that is used as input for the job Load Data Store Information from External Interface, see the chapter Load Sequential File with ADABAS FDT report in the Toolkit (z/OS) guide.

For information about the structure of the sequential file, see the section Load File Information from External Interface from chapter Sequential File in the Data Model Guide.