Batch Processing Rule Attributes

Use the Change Rules feature to batch process rule attributes. You can select batch-processing candidates manually, or use the search facility to select candidates automatically.

Note: Attributes of I/O data elements and control conditions can only be used to replace a Business Description or Technical Description. If there are multiple instances of I/O data elements or control conditions, they are displayed in the Business Description or Technical Description on separate lines.
  1. Select the check box for each rule you want to batch process. If you are batch processing rules returned by a search, the check boxes are already selected.
  2. Click Rules > Change Rule Attributes. You are prompted to continue. Click Yes. The Change Rules window opens.
  3. In the Attribute drop-down, select the attribute you want to batch edit. In the Find What field, enter a pattern for the search text. In the Replace With field, enter a pattern for the replacement text. You can use any combination of text and bracketed attribute names. For attributes with enumerated values, click the arrow button next to the Find What and Replace With fields to display the values in a drop-down. For the remaining attributes, click the arrow button to display the available attributes in a drop-down. Select an item in a drop-down to populate the adjacent field.
  4. When you are satisfied with your entries in the Change Rules window, click Replace. BRM modifies the selected rules. Click Close to dismiss the window and return to the Rules pane.