Searching for Rules

Use the search facility in the Rules pane to find rules based on segment location and/or attribute values. Use the Change Rules feature to batch edit the rules returned by the search.
Note: There is also a simple search option, under the Rules toolbar, that selects business functions, rules sets and rules that match the search string. It is case-sensitive and is available for the Grouping tab only, however results appear as checked in the Triggering tab as well.
  1. Select a business function, rule set, or rule and choose Rules > Start Search. The Rule Search window opens.

    Rule Search Window

  2. To search for rules by segment location, select Location of Rule Segments, then choose:
    • Covering the Current Line if you want to find rules with a segment that contains the line of code selected in the Source pane.
    • Relating to the Program if you want to find rules related to a given program. Select the program in the adjacent drop-down.
  3. To search for rules by attribute value, select:
    • The type of object that contains the attribute in the Type combo box.
    • The attribute in the Name drop-down.
    • The operator for the attribute value comparison in the Operator drop-down.
    • The value of the attribute in the Value drop-down.
    Click Add. The search criterion is added to the list box below the drop-downs. Repeat this step for each attribute you want to search by. Select a criterion and click Remove to delete the criterion from the list box.
  4. To search only the selected rules, select Among Selected Rules.
  5. To find rules in the triggering hierarchy for the selection, select Propagate Selection down Triggering Chains.
  6. To invert the search, so that rules not identified by the search criterion are found, choose Invert Selection when Done.
  7. To save the search criteria you have chosen, click Save. This button is active only when the list of conditions is not empty. The criteria are saved to a file whose name contains the current date and time. Example: SearchCriterion_2014-Jan-16_04-24-22.BRM.xml. By default it is saved in the workspace directory.
  8. To load saved search criteria, click Load, select the file where the search criteria are saved and click Open.
  9. When you are satisfied with your entries in the Rule Search window, click Find. The search facility automatically selects the check box for each rule returned by the search.