Configuring Enterprise Analyzer

Use the Configuration Manager in the Enterprise Analyzer Administration tool to configure EA options and displays for the programming languages, dialects, character sets, and products in use at your site.

If you configure your EA for COBOL, for example, you will see only the EA options and displays appropriate for COBOL modernization. You need to configure your EA for PL/I as well, you can come back to the Configuration Manager later and select PL/I in addition to COBOL.

  1. Open the Configuration Manager window.
    • If you are installing EA, the Configuration Manager window opens after you finish the installation.
    • If you have previously installed EA and want to reconfigure it, choose Start > Programs > Micro Focus > Enterprise Analyzer > Enterprise Analyzer Administration. The Enterprise Analyzer Administration window opens. In the Administer menu, choose Configure Micro Focus Enterprise Analyzer. The Configuration Manager window opens.
    Note: If EA is open, you are prompted to exit. Click OK, then close EA.
  2. Select each programming language, dialect, and character set in use at your site. Select each EA product you want to use at your site. The core Application Analyzer product is always selected. Select Additional Tools to enable tools not used in typical EA configurations. When you are satisfied with your choices, click OK.
    Note: If you modify your EA configuration, make sure you upgrade workspaces created under the previous configuration.