Upgrading Workspaces

When you modify your EA configuration, you must upgrade every workspace created with the previous configuration. Only the master user can upgrade a workspace.

  1. Choose Start > All Programs > Micro Focus > Enterprise Analyzer > Enterprise Analyzer Administration. The EA Administration window opens.
  2. In the Administration window, choose Administer > Upgrade Workspace. The Upgrade workspace dialog opens.
  3. Choose the workspace you want to upgrade, then click Open. A Workspace Upgrade window opens.
  4. Click Start to begin the upgrade. In the Workspace Upgrade window you see the upgrade process (The parts that are being upgraded are highlighted and the checkbox next to each upgraded part is checked when the upgrade is complete.) You can Pause the upgrade and Resume it later.
    Note: Upgrades that have stopped due to an error can be reset from the File menu.
  5. (optional) Click Workspace Upgrade > File >Export DDL Script to export the DDL script to perform the upgrade and give it to a DBA.