Validating Results after Analysis

For any activity being used by the program (calls to PEM), the analysis will generate a corresponding activity ID. If the activity ID is found in the .flt file, it will be prefixed by a sequential number and an activity name. For example, if you have an activity with ID: 0000001, then the resulting activity will be 1_END000001_END and this is an activity found inside the configuration files. If the tool cannot find an activity ID in the configuration files, it will still be reported but without a prefix. For example, if your program is using an activity with ID: 321456 and it is not described in the configuration files, the program will generate an activity with ID: 321456. Usually, this means that the activity doesn't need to be linked to anything and that having information that it is used is enough. These activity IDs can be used to confirm that all information was exported from Hogan.