Validating EA Format Using HoganFileConvertor

The HoganFileConvertor is supplied with the EA installation and is located in the bin folder. In general, you don't need to execute the HoganFileConvertor manually as the tool will automatically generate the conversion for you on the first run or whenever the files are changed. However, while preparing the environment, it may be useful to execute it in order to validate your input file against the expected format. Input parameters have two possible formats:
  • The folder containing all configuration files followed by an output name
  • The filenames listed one by one followed by an output name.
The utility creates an .flt file which is a flattened EA expected format containing all necessary information to analyze Hogan calls. It also creates a detailed log specifying any errors or warnings and giving details for executing the utility. It is good practice to check the execution log after performing the conversion. Some of the messages can be ignored; for example, if you don't have transaction definitions you may get the following error: "[ERROR] C:\hogan\HoganExample\hoganConfig\CDMFTXNS.hogan does not exist." but the program will continue and generate the output. As long as you don't need transaction definitions, you can proceed with the analysis. Here is an example command for using the HoganFileConvertor from a command prompt:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Micro Focus\Enterprise Analyzer\Bin\HoganFileConvertor.exe ”C:\samplecode\hoganconfig”, ”C:\samplecode\hoganconfig\HoganCfg.flt”