Host Environment Source Compatibility

When you register your source files, it is essential that they are organized in the same folder structure as the one on your host environment. This allows EA to create the correct relationships when connecting programs with their copybooks, JCLs with the proper version of the procedures that are used, etc. Run-time connections are also established based on this structure. Furthermore, this structure allows for having several members with the same name, i.e. homonyms.

The sources to be loaded into EA should be in folders named after the PDS libraries on the Mainframe and those folders should be the ones loaded.


There is an enterprise organization with 3 data centers: Data Center 1 with one Mainframe, Data Center 2 with two Mainframes, and Data Center 3 with one Mainframe.

The following image shows the folders in a Windows environment:

And this is what the three data center folders look like after they have been copied to the workspace: