Resolving Include Files

When trying to resolve include files (copybooks, PL/I includes, JCL procedures, etc.), the EA Parser will look at all folders trying to find names that match the included file. If only one match is found, it will use that file. If more than one match is found, EA Parser takes the following steps to resolve which of the matching include files is the one to use:

  1. It checks if one of the folders is listed under Search Path in the Homonyms tab in Project Options. The folder can be listed as:
    • an absolute location:

      C:\Workspaces\FS Doc\Sources\Data Center 1\DC1 Mainframe 1\SYS1.COPYLIB

    • or as a relative location under the Sources folder:

      Data Center 1\DC1 Mainframe 1\SYS1.COPYLIB

  2. It looks for proximity of the included file to the including file in the source folder structure:
    • First it looks at files that are in the same folder as the "including" source.
    • Then it looks at files in the dependent folders.
    • And then - up the folder hierarchy.
  3. Finally folder names will be matched and the "include" folder that has a name with a better match to the source folder name will be selected.