Execute a Code Search with multiple criteria. The results are displayed in the specified Code Search list.


ClipperMultiSearch LogFileWorkspace Criteria Model ListName Category [Project] [Accumulate] 
Required Parameters Description


Output log file generated when the batch script is executed.


Workspace file (.rwp).


File containing the search criteria, one per line. Specify the full path name of the criterion in the Interactive Analysis Advanced Search tool, including the tab name (General) and any folder names. For example, General:Coding Standards\MOVE Statements\Possible Data Padding. Follow the notation specified exactly.


Interactive Analysis model for the listed source files. Some of the commonly used model types are: COBOL, JAVAFILE, JCL, NATURAL, PLI. For more information, see Define Potential Code Anomalies.


Name of the list. The list is assumed to be owned by the current user. If it is owned by another user, append a vertical bar (|) and the user name.
Note: Lists stay active in the workspace. As part of the verification process for an entity, any entry in a list for that entity is removed. The list will need to be recreated post verification. Any script that is used to create the list can be added to a post-verification user exit to the BRP process so they are correctly re-created as part of a BRP run.


List category.

Optional Parameters Description


Project. Default is the default project.


Whether to append the results to existing results, True or False. Default is False.