Example: Performing an Advanced Search

Follow the steps below to search for all declarations of computational data items in a workspace. Refer to ClipperSearch.bj for argument details.

  1. From a command prompt, enter the following command, substituting file names and paths as appropriate:
    Enterprise Analyzer_Installation_Directory\Bin>Brave.exe "[Enterprise Analyzer_Installation_Directory]\Scripts\BRP\ClipperSearch.bj" "C:\ClipperSearchLog.txt" "Worksp
    ace=C:\Workspaces\sdkworkspace.rwp" "Criteria=General:Data Queries\Computational
     Data" "Model=COBOL" "ListName=Miscellaneous" "Category=General"
    The command consists of:
    • The path to Brave.exe.
    • The path to the ClipperSearch.bj file.
    • The path to the output log file generated on execution of the command.
    • The path to the workspace.
    • The path to the search criterion in the Interactive Analysis Advanced Search tool, including the tab name and folder names.
    • The Interactive Analysis model for the source files to be searched, "COBOL".
    • The Code Search list where the search results will be displayed.
    • The Code Search category that contains the list.
  2. Check the output log file for errors or warnings. Here is the log file for the command:
    Batch Registration and Verification. Version  (build
    Date: 8/8/2008    Computer: D620-JEREMYW
    Cmd:  "Enterprise Analyzer_Installation_Directory\Scripts\BRP\ClipperSearch.bj" "C:\ClipperSearchLog.txt" "Workspace=C:\Workspaces\sdkworkspace.rwp" "Criteria=General:Data Queries\Computational Data" "Model=COBOL" "ListName=Miscellaneous" "Category=General"
    Job: C:\Program Files\Enterprise Analyzer\Scripts\BRP\ClipperSearch.bj
    10:33:25 >Open C:\Workspaces\sdkworkspace.rwp
    10:33:26 Cuter .ClipperSearch (Prm.Criterion, Prm.Model, Prm.ListName, Prm.Category, Prm.Accumulate)
    10:33:27  (success) 236 construct(s) found.
    10:33:27 >Close
    10:33:27 ---Finished—