Updating Source Files with Source Synchronization

Source Synchronization checks if the source files registered in Enterprise Analyzer have been modified or deleted from their original location. It also detects if new files or folders have been added to a folder registered in EA.

To use Source Synchronization, do one of the following:
  • Select Workspace > Source Synchronization.
  • Click .

If there are any new, modified or deleted files or folders, Source Synchronization informs you about that and asks you if you want to synchronize the workspace. To view the updates, click Show Changes. Click Close to go back to the Source Synchronization window.

If you click Yes, the new files will be added to the workspace and verified, the modified files be updated and re-verified, and the deleted files will be removed.

Sources that were registered in-place but are not found in the expected locations are not automatically deleted from the repository during Source Synchronization. If files have been deleted from the original location, you can view them if you click Missing files button on the Source Synchronization confirmation dialog. You can then decide if you need to restore the missing files to the expected locations, or you can manually select which of the missing files to be removed from the repository.

For in-place registration workspaces, source files removed from registered source directories can be deleted from the workspace during BRP. If you check the Automatically unregister missing sources when running update option in the BRP configuration Advanced tab, the missing sources will be deleted from the workspace when running BRP. The deleted files are logged in the Update.log. If the option is unchecked, the removed sources will not be deleted. This option is unchecked by default.