Source Synchronization Settings

To set Source Synchronization options, go to Options > Workspace Options > Registration > Source Synchronization.

The first option allows you to enable or disable Source Synchronization. The default is enabled. Disabling Source Synchronization stops any related checks and automated executions (if any were set). On a non-in-place workspace, Source Synchronization is automatically disabled if BRP registration is run. BRP on in-place registration workspace still uses Source Synchronization for updating, ignoring whether Source Synchronization is enabled or not.

In this tab you can select to check for updated sources automatically. If you do so, you must select whether to have the checks performed periodically or at a specific time. If you want to have periodic checks, you must select an interval. The default is 20 hours. When this option is selected, the check is added as a task to the Windows Task Scheduler.

Another option in this tab is to select to execute a batch file on the files in the original source location before the workspace is synchronized.

If you select Synchronize the workspace after checking for outdated sources without asking me, every time you click or select Workspace > Source Synchronization the workspace will be automatically synchronized.