Verifying Source Files

Parsing, or verifying, an application source file generates the object model for the file. Only a master user can verify source files.

You can verify a single file, a group of files, all the files in a folder, or all the files in a project. It’s usually best to verify an entire project. Enterprise Analyzer parses the files in appropriate order, taking account of likely dependencies between file types.

Note: You need not verify copybooks. Copybooks are parsed when the including source file is verified.

If your RPG or AS/400 COBOL application uses copy statements that reference Database Description or Device Description files, or if your MCP Cobol application uses copy statements that reference DMSII DASDL files, you need to generate copybooks for the application before you verify program files.

Workspace and Project Verification options determine verification behavior. The default values for these options are preset based on your configuration and should be appropriate for most installations.

  1. In the Repository Browser, select the project, folder, or files you want to verify and choose Prepare > Verify.
  2. You are prompted to drop repository indexes to improve verification performance. Click Yes. You will be prompted to restore the indexes when you analyze the files.
The parser builds an object model for each successfully verified file. For an unsuccessfully verified file, the parser builds an object model for as much of the file as it understands.