Performing Post-Verification Program Analysis

Much of the performance cost of program verification for COBOL projects is incurred by the advanced program analysis options in the Project Verification Options window. These features enable impact analysis, data flow analysis, and similar tasks.

You can improve verification performance by postponing some or all of advanced program analysis until after verification. As long as you have verified source files with the Enable Reference Reports and Enable Interactive Analysis workspace verification options, you can use the post-verification program analysis feature to collect the remaining program analysis information without having to re-verify your entire legacy program.

To perform post-verification program analysis, select the project verification options for each program analysis feature you want to enable. In the Repository Browser, select the programs you want to analyze (or the entire project) and click Prepare > Analyze Program.

The system collects the required information for each analysis feature you select. And it does so incrementally: if you verify a COBOL source file with the Enable Data Element Flow option selected, and then perform post-verification analysis with both that option and the Enable Impact Analysis option selected, only impact analysis information will be collected.

The same is true for information collected in a previous post-verification analysis. In fact, if all advanced analysis information has been collected for a program, the post-verification analysis feature simply will not start. In that case, you can only generate the analysis information again by reverifying the program.