Configuring the Batch Refresh Process

The Batch Refresh Process is installed with the EA server. For each workspace it processes, BRP refers to an initialization file containing configuration settings. Use the BRP Configurator in the Enterprise Analyzer Administration tool on the EA server to modify the initialization file settings.

  1. In the EA Administration tool, choose Administer > Configure BRP. The BRP Configurator opens.
  2. In the Current BRP Configurations pane, choose the BRP configuration file you want to edit and click Edit.
    Note: If the BRP configuration you want to edit is not listed in the pane, click Find to locate the file in the file system.
  3. To create a new configuration, click Add. A Select Workspace dialog box opens, where you can specify the workspace (.rwp) file you want to configure for BRP.
    Note: To copy a configuration, select it and click Copy. To delete a configuration, select it and click Delete.
  4. The main BRP Configurator window opens, with a tab for each configuration task:
    • On the General tab, set basic BRP initialization values (required).
    • On the User Exit tab, identify any user exits you have created to extend or modify BRP functionality (optional).
    • On the Advanced tab, enable BRP support for IMS Analysis, Executive Report, and WebGen (optional).
  5. When you are satisfied with your entries on each tab, click OK.