Ensuring a Listener Remains Active

With TN3270 channels, you can configure an optional "heartbeat" or keep-alive feature.

With the heartbeat feature, you configure a time interval in seconds. For idle conversations, the listener sends test messages at the configured time intervals.

Note: Heartbeat configurations are ignored with channel types other than TN3270.

The test messages that this functionality generates have two functions:

When starting a listener from the command line, you can specify a default heartbeat with the seelistener.exe command using the -heartbeat:time option. You can also configure heartbeats for individual channels defined in the seelistener.exe.config file, by adding the heartbeat="time" attribute to the <channel> element. Set time as a value in seconds.

You can add, edit, or remove heartbeat parameters from channels when editing a listener configuration file in the Administration snap-in.

To remove a heartbeat, set its value to 0.