Configuring a Listener

A region’s listener configuration is made up of the region name and the name of an associated database server instance. Once the name and database server instance are specified, one or more channels can be associated with the region. A channel is made up of a logical name, a protocol, and a port number.

For example, in the listener configuration for a region you could define a channel named TN3270, to use the TN3270 protocol on port 9023. This would enable 3270 terminal emulators to connect with the region on port 9023. With TN3270 listeners, you can use the keep-alive functionality to check that the listener is active, and to ensure that it stays alive.

A listener configuration file can include multiple regions, each with multiple channels.

Currently supported protocols are TN3270 for TN3270 terminals, and MFBINP.

MFBINP is an internal Micro Focus protocol. This protocol is used to:

Listener configurations are stored in the listener configuration file seelistener.exe.config

Note: The default installation has a listener defined for the CICS ESDEMO region, defined on port 9023. You can use this listener to verify the installation. This configuration is not overwritten if you need to re-install the software.

The default seelistener.exe.config file installed in the same location as seelistener.exe is overwritten when the product is re-installed. However, seelistener.exe also looks for a version of seelistener.exe.config in %APPDATA%\Micro Focus\SEE\5.0\Config and will use it if present. This version is not overwritten when the product is re-installed.