To Set Impersonation Options using machine.config

You need administrator access to perform this task.

User impersonation options are set in the .NET Framework's machine.config file. Impersonation options are set as key/value pairs using the add element in the file's MicroFocus.SEE section.

  1. Make a backup copy of machine.config.

    The file is in %windir%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\version\Config or %windir%\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\version\Config, where version is the .NET Framework version used by Enterprise Server for .NET.

    Use the file in Framework when running a 32-bit version of Windows, or the file in Framework64 when running on 64-bit Windows.

  2. Open machine.config for editing.
  3. If the MicroFocus.SEE section is not defined in the file, add a <section> element to the configSections section as follows.
    <!-- Added for Micro Focus SEE for .NET -->
    <section name="MicroFocus.SEE" 
                 Culture=neutral,PublicKeyToken=0412c5e0b2aaa8f0" />
  4. At the end of the file, just before the closing tag, add the MicroFocus.SEE section.
    <!-- Added for Micro Focus SEE for .NET -->
  5. Add your configurations inside the MicroFocus.SEE section as required.

    Use the following syntax to add a key.

    <add key=key to add value=key value> 

    For example, the following key enables user impersonation of logged on users.

        <add key=" Security.users.impersonateUsers" value="true"/>
  6. Save and close the file.
machine.config is processed when a process starts, so changes are picked up by a SEP when its hosting process starts.
  • For self-hosted SEPs, restart the process to pick up changes.
  • For WAS-hosted SEPs, use the wasreset.cmd script to restart WAS.