Configuring Logon Providers

You select a logon provider by adding an entry to machine.config. The topic To Set Impersonation Options using machine cfg explains how to edit the machine.config file. If you do not configure a logon provider, the Windows logon provider is used by default. Note that the configured logon provider is used for all regions running on that system.

To specify a logon provider, set the Security.users.logonProvider option to the name of the logon provider assembly. The default logon provider supplied with Enterprise Server for .NET is MicroFocus.SEE.Logon.Windows. For example:

    <add key="Security.users.logonProvider" value="MicroFocus.SEE.Logon.Windows"/>

Several of the options for controlling user impersonation (token creation mode, domain logon options, and Windows logon type) apply to the Windows logon provider.