Starting a Region

You can start a region on the local machine or on a remote machine. The event monitor on the target machine can be used to start regions. You can also start a region from the Enterprise Server for .NET user interface, or by using the seestart command.

To start a region, you can perform either a cold start or a warm start.

With a cold start, the region's database is created if it does not already exist. If it exists, all its tables and stored procedures are dropped. The cold start re-creates all required tables (some fixed, some transient) and installs stored procedures.

With a warm start, a region database must exist. The start uses the existing versions of fixed tables, such as the CSA and resource definitions.

Only transient tables only and re-created, for example the request queue and the connected sessions table.

Note: You can perform a warm start only if the region was previous stopped normally, using the Normal stop option. If the region had previously been stopped with an "Immediate stop" or a "Force stop", only a cold start is allowed.