To Configure a Spool HouseKeeping Archive Location

The location MVSSPLHK, used to archive files into, can be specified in the region start-up file:
  1. Open the region startup file using the Enterprise Server for .NET Administration UI's Region Startup File Editor.
  2. Select the Region node in the Results pane. See number 1 in the diagram below. A properties window is now displayed to the right-hand side of the Results pane.
  3. Locate the Spool Houskeeping category in the properties window and enter the archive location as the value of the Archive location property. See number 2 in the diagram below. Alternatively, you can click on the ... button to the right of the property value field to display the Spool Archive Location dialog, from which you can select the required location.
  4. Choose File > Save , or click the Save icon in the toolbar to save the file. See number 3 in the diagram below.

You must cold-start the region for the changes to take effect.