Spool Housekeeping

Enterprise Server for .NET provides the MVSSPLHK JCL utility program to manage the deletion and archiving of out-of-date spool files. This utility can be run directly from a JCL job, with the configuration settings held in a file or as in-stream data. This means that you do not need to recompile anything when you change any of the configuration settings.

Artifacts that are archived by MVSSPLHK include spool files, catalog files, sysout datasets and job logs. The location for writing these artefacts to can be specified in either the MVSSPLHK configuration file or region start-up file. The location is a folder under which MVSSPLHK, for each invocation, will create a sub-folder with a name indicating the date/time that the archive was created.

Region start-up file configuration is provided to allow a region to be cold-started using the spool and catalog from an archive created by MVSSPLHK.