Enterprise Server for .NET includes an implementation of IBM's DFHXCIS API for making EXCI requests. (Not all DFHXCIS features are supported at this time.) DFHXCIS is a procedural API which client applications call to define EXCI connections and make requests.

DFHXCIS is more complicated than the EXEC CICS LINK interface, but it gives the application more control, and can be invoked from any managed-code program, not just a COBOL one compiled with the CICS ECM. DFHXCIS is also more efficient if the application will be making multiple EXCI requests to the same region.

Note: Because DFHXCIS uses mainframe-format ("big-endian", computational) integers, some additional work is required to invoke it from non-COBOL languages. For EXCI from a non-COBOL .NET language it may be more convenient to use the ExciClient Class.

The DFHXCIS API is in the MicroFocus.SEE.Comms.Public namespace, in the assembly of the same name.

DFHXCIS uses a single entry point, DFHXCIS, which takes a series of fixed parameters (version, return information, token, and call type) followed by one or more additional parameters, depending on the function being used.

The complete DFHXCIS reference is available in the IBM CICS documentation.