ExciClient Class

The MicroFocus.SEE.Comms.Public.ExciClient class, included with Enterprise Server for .NET in the MicroFocus.SEE.Comms.Public.dll assembly. This class is another API for EXCI clients which is more-suited to object-oriented and non-COBOL managed-code programs.

A client program can instantiate an ExciClient object using the static InitializeUser factory method, then invoke that object's AllocatePipe, OpenPipe, DPLRequest, ClosePipe, and DeallocatePipe methods to set up and make EXCI requests. These methods have the same functionality as the equivalent DFHXCIS API functions. There are also some convenience methods and properties. An ExciClient object uses standard .NET types for its parameters, and keeps track of the EXCI request state, including any error information from the most recent EXCI request.

An ExciClient demo that uses a WinForms client is included in the Enterprise Server for .NET samples.