To Set a Region's Console Message Level

In a region's startup file, you can set the level of messages output, or message verbosity for a region, to override the setting defined in the SIT.
  1. Choose SEE Administration > Configuration Editors > Region startup to start the Region Startup File editor.
  2. In the editor, open the startup file for the region to configure.
  3. Select the Region item at the top of the tree, and in the editor's right pane, select the General > Console Message Level property.
  4. Select the message level from the list. Valid values are:
    • RegionDefault

      Messages display depending on the value set in the SIT. This is the default value.

    • CriticalMessages

      Only those messages that are essential to indicate the state of the region display.

    • AllMessages

      All generated messages display.

When you start and operate the region, the console displays the messages based on the value set in the region startup file, rather than the value defined in the SIT.