Managing and Viewing Spool Queues

You can manage and view the spool queues from ESMAC.

The queues are listed below:

Button Details
Input Jobs waiting to start (usually waiting for an initiator for the correct class to be available)
In Hold Jobs that are held (HOLD on the job card, or Hold button on a job’s entry in the Input Queue)
Dispatch Jobs that are scheduled to a batch or printer process but not yet actioned (transient state)
Active Jobs currently running
Complete Contains three filters (Output, OutHold, and Printed), any combination of which can be selected to be displayed. The filters are:
  • Output - the output files waiting to be printed (usually waiting for a printer for the correct class to be available)
  • OutHold - the output files that are held (Hold button on a job’s entry in the Complete Queue)
  • Printed - the output files currently being printed

A spool queue that is not empty consists of entries for each job in the queue, with a button bearing the job number at the left-hand side of the page. You can click a job number button to view more details of the job. You see the JOBnnnnnnn page, where nnnnnnn is the number of the job. This page gives you access to a number of actions that you can perform on the job or output files: