Create an XA Resource

Your enterprise server region requires an XA resource for each datastore that contains one or more transactional files. If the database containing the datastore is also used by other COBOL applications, additional XA resources are required. Refer to Working with Multiple XARs for details on how to handle such situations.

  1. In the table of servers on the Home page of Enterprise Server Administration, click Edit to the left in the row for the enterprise server region that references the transactional data file.
  2. Click the XA Resources tab.
  3. Specify the following XAR details:
    Option Description
    ID Unique ID for the XAR
    Name Unique name for the XAR
    Module Specify the location of the RM switch module executable file (.dll on Windows or .so on UNIX platforms). This is ESDB2XA.dll/.so for Db2. Refer to Building RM Switch Modules for more information.
    Open string Db=<database-name>, uid=<user-id>, pwd=<password>
    You can also specify further options as required, as detailed in To Define an XA Resource (XAR) for an Enterprise Server Region.
    Note: This connection is applicable to all datastores in the database, unless ID is the name of a particular datastore; in which case, the connection is only applicable to that datastore.
  4. Select Enabled.
  5. Click OK.

    The XA resource should be effectively immediately.

You can now proceed to configuring your CICS or batch (JCL) applications to use the file(s) in the datastore.