Upload Files to a Db2 Datastore

Use these steps to create Db2 datastores if you have not already created them using the scripts mentioned in Create Datastore Scripts for Db2.

  1. Open an command prompt.
  2. Set the MFDBFH_CONFIG environment variable to locate the database configuration file that contains a reference to the data source:
    set MFDBFH_CONFIG=<location-and-name-of-file>

    If you do not set this variable, the file is assumed to be located in the current directory.

    Note: The MFDBFH_SCRIPT_DIR environment variable is also required to point to the stored procedures used to interact with a datastore; however, this variable is implicitly set already when using an command prompt.
  3. Add a data file to the datastore:
    dbfhdeploy data add <filename> URL/<file-ref>[?folder=<folder-name>]

    If <folder-name> does not already exist, it is created.

  4. To test that the data file is now in the datastore, you can produce a listing of files and folders in the database using dbfhdeploy:
    dbfhdeploy list URL[?folder=<folder-name>]

    A list of files is displayed.

    Note: If you do not specify a folder name, only files and folders at the base level of the datastore are displayed.

    If any of the files in your datastore are transactional, you must also configure an XA resource within the enterprise server region that points to the datastore; see Create an XA Resource. If none of your files are transactional, you can skip that step and proceed to configuring your CICS or batch (JCL) applications to use the file(s) in the datastore, and if resource locking is to be managed by an enterprise server region, configuring region and cross-region databases.