Using the MFDS Internal Security Module

Note: Micro Focus strongly recommends that you do not use MFDS Internal Security in a production environment. An External Security Manager such as the MLDAP ESM should be used instead. The MFDS Internal Security feature will be deprecated in a future release of this product.

You can use the MFDS Internal Security Module to secure the directory server or enterprise servers.

  • This module cannot be used with any other security managers. It must be the only module configured.

With the MFDS Internal Security Module, the ability to view, and to alter, objects and schema settings within Directory Server is controlled through a system of user accounts, user groups and permissions.

With this module in place, Enterprise Server administrators must log on. The features available to login IDs are controlled by permissions. You grant permissions to a user group. The users within that group can then perform the actions governed by those permissions.