Understanding Users and Groups

When you connect to Enterprise Server Administration for a Directory Server that is running in restricted mode, you are presented with a summary screen. This screen shows basic details of the enterprise servers managed by the Directory Server.

Before you can perform any other actions, you must log on. To do this you require a user account. Directory Server comes with a number of preconfigured user accounts but you can create others.

When you have logged on, the features that you can use depend on the permissions granted to the user groups of which your user is a member.

Each user can be in many user groups. Again, Directory Server has several preconfigured groups and you can create others. Each of the preconfigured groups has appropriate permissions for a particular administrative task. One or more of the supplied users are assigned to each of the groups, with the exception of the System group, which is used by Micro Focus applications.

Group Description Preconfigured users assigned
All Users This is the most limited group. Its default Enterprise Server permissions are set as Read only. This permission enables a user in the group to view configuration information for enterprise servers. All users are included in this group. schemaadmin, adddelete, modify, administrator
Add/Delete This group has default Enterprise Server permissions that enable:
  • the addition and deletion of servers
  • the addition and deletion of services, listeners and packages to servers
adddelete, administrator
General Administrators This group has default enterprise server permissions that enable all administration activities for enterprise servers. It also has permissions allowing all Directory Server administration activities with the exception of user managements. administrator
Directory Server Administrators This group has full permissions for the administration of the Directory Server and all enterprise servers. schemaadmin
Modify This group has default enterprise server permissions that enable the modification of enterprise server configuration information. modify
System This group is for the use of Micro Focus applications.