Enabling and Configuring Caching

There are two main parameters for enabling caching. They can be found on the ESF configuration pages in the Micro Focus Enterprise Server Administration user interface: the Default ES Security and MFDS Security tabs in the Security section, and the Security tab for each individual server (which overrides the Default ES Security settings). The two parameters are:

Cache TTL
This determines how long, in seconds, a cache entry will be kept. When a cache entry grows older than this time, it is ignored (and removed from the cache when space is needed for a new entry). This setting can be used to ensure that any out-of-date result can only last for the given amount of time, and that old results are discarded to make way for new ones.
Cache limit
This is the approximate size, in KB, of the cache (for each process). In the current implementation, the cache holds a bit more than 4 entries per KB; a 4 KB cache holds 18 entries, and you would need a 24 KB cache for 100 entries.

The best values for these parameters depend on your particular application mix. If your applications use many different MSS resources, they may benefit more from a larger cache, but larger caches also take longer to search.

A 16 KB cache limit and 60-second TTL are generally a good starting point.