The ignore setting specifies what fields in ESF requests can be ignored when comparing them with cached ones. Ignoring fields makes cached results more widely applicable and improves the cache hit rate.

The ignore setting is set to a list of tokens, separated by commas or spaces. The possible tokens are:

Ignore the facility field. This identifies the terminal for requests associated with a TN3270 connection, the conversation for a request associated with CICS Transaction Gateway processing, and so on.
Ignore the subsystem field. This identifies which type of environment (such as CICS, JES, or COBOL web services) the request originated from.
A synonym for subsystem.
For CICS, this is usually the name of the transaction which triggered the request. Can be set by other callers to some arbitrary string.
A synonym for transaction.

The default is ignore=facility subsystem.

To make all fields significant (no fields are ignored when comparing a request with those in the cache), set this configuration item with an empty value.