Xfh2btr Call Conversion Module

The Xfh2btr call conversion module enables you to use the Micro Focus File Handler API to access Btrieve files from this COBOL system.

Btrieve does not normally conform to ANSI standards but, by default, the Xfh2btr call conversion module makes the necessary calls to the Btrieve run-time system to force it to emulate ANSI behavior. You can, however, choose to operate in non-ANSI mode.

Xfh2btr is compatible with versions of Btrieve 6.1x and above.

It is supplied as part of this COBOL system and also as a linkable module, xfh2btr.obj, which can be linked with any application that needs to perform I/O on Btrieve files.

When the call conversion module needs to call the Btrieve run-time system to perform I/O, it calls the module _BTRV. The function of this module is to format the call and pass it to the Btrieve Microkernel Interface (wbtrv32.dll for Windows). Note that you can call the module _BTRV directly from your COBOL program using the same parameters as those used in Btrieve API calls (see your Btrieve Programmer's Reference Manual).