Xfh2btr Configuration File

Note: Note:

If you need to use the Xfh2btr configuration file you must link your program with mfini.obj.

The Xfh2btr configuration file enables you to specify the page size, maximum record length and Btrieve open mode for all files or for an individual file.

You can specify the name of the configuration file via the XFH2BTR environment variable. If this environment variable is not set, the default configuration filename of xfh2btr.cfg is used. The configuration file is searched for first in the current directory and then along the path specified by the COBDIR environment variable.

The tag [X2B-DEFAULTS] is used to specify default values for page size, maximum record length and Btrieve open mode while a tag containing a filename (for example [test.dat]) is used to specify values for a particular file.

Attribute names can be separated from attribute values by a space or a colon (:) character.

Note: Note:

If a configuration file exists, the settings of the Btrieve environment variables BTRPAGE and BTRMAXREC are ignored.

You can also turn on the Xfh2btr trace option and specify the name of the trace file via the Xfh2btr configuration file.