Remote server configuration

Restriction: You must have Micro Focus Enterprise Developer UNIX Components installed on the remote machine.

To build, debug and run remote projects on a Micro Focus Enterprise Developer UNIX Components product, most of the connection types require a number of servers to be running on the remote host.

Note: If you plan to use the Micro Focus DevHub SSH Only connection type to connect to a remote host, you do not need to configure/launch these servers. All other Micro Focus DevHub... connection types rely on these servers to one extent or another.

There is an RDO daemon that handles the incoming requests from you local Eclipse IDE, and passes the work off to one of the RDO servers when you open one of the remote projects from your IDE.

Starting the RDO daemon is usually part of the initial set up of Micro Focus Enterprise Developer UNIX Components on the remote host, but you may be required to start it manually from time to time.

The daemon and the servers run on default ports, as defined in $COBDIR/remotedev/rdo.cfg: these are usually port 4075 for the daemon and a port range of 10000-10003 for the servers. You can changes these port numbers by either running configrdo utility, or specifying the ports explicitly when starting the daemon. (Any ports explicitly specified will override the default settings in the configuration file.)

As well as specifying the default port settings, the configrdo utility can be used to configure certain firewall settings, on certain platforms. You can use it to configure additional ports, and switch particular services on; see Configuring the firewall for more information.