Configuring the firewall

If the server on which Micro Focus Enterprise Developer UNIX Components is installed is running a firewall, you must ensure that certain ports and services are allowed through so that Eclipse running on a client machine can communicate with it.

To ensure successful communication between the IDE and Micro Focus Enterprise Developer UNIX Components when a firewall is active, use the configrdo utility after initial setup or if you experience problems establishing a connection between the two.

Tip: If you run the client-side and/or server-side connection diagnosis tools, these include a number of tests relating to firewall configuration, and can indicate any problems with the current firewall settings.

Use configrdo to configure the following settings:

These changes can be temporary (for the duration of the current firewall being active), or be made permanent (so that they persist after a system reboot). If you are not running any of the supported platforms listed above, use your operating system's firewall commands to perform the equivalent functions.