COBOL Console Client

With the exception of Java interfaces, all other service types automatically generate a COBOL console application client. As part of client generation, a proxy program is also generated. The proxy provides a standard mechanism for invoking the service, and is intended for use by production clients.

Client folder

After generation, Enterprise Developer adds a client application folder to the project that contains the following components:

A sample client COBOL program.
A COBOL program for invoking the service via a production client.
A copybook used by both the -app and -proxy programs.

Editing a console client program

To enhance its appearance and usability, you can optionally edit the sample console client program using the Enterprise Developer COBOL editor, or any text editor.

Running a console client

You can run a console client directly from your project using the Enterprise Developer Debugger. Before doing so, ensure that:

  • The enterprise server instance is started
  • Your service interface is deployed to the enterprise server instance
  • You have defined a COBOL Enterprise Server Debug Configuration that specifies the following:
    • The project that contains your service interface (.svi) file
    • The enterprise server instance configured to run the service
    • That the debugging type that corresponds to the type of service is configured properly
  • The COBOL application is started in the Debugger

Once these things are in place, return to the Team Developer View. Right-click the service interface entry in the project's client folder; then select Debug As > COBOL Application from the context menu.