Generating Data Views

Restriction: This topic applies only when the AppMaster Builder AddPack has been installed, and applies only to Windows platforms.

Before you generate an AppMaster Builder application that uses one or more data views, you must first generate the data views referenced by the application. You can generate one data view at a time, or generate multiple data views at one time. Each time you generate, AMB creates a log file in the Job Queue.

IMS and VSAM generation

When AMB generates a data view that contains IMS and/or VSAM data source, it creates a corresponding DDI symbols file for the data view in the project\group DDISYMB subdirectory. The DDI symbols file describes the data view in a format used by the AMB precompiler and other AMB components.

SQL generation

Just as it does for IMS and VSAM data sources, AMB creates a corresponding DDI symbols file in the project\group DDISYMB subdirectory for each data view. In addition, for each SQL DDL source and SQL Object that contains database and COBOL descriptions of each table or view, the data view generation process also generates a record description copybook. Generated copybooks are stored in the project\group COPYLIB subdirectory.
Note: You have the option to set your AppMaster Builder preferences to generate data views using fully qualified table names. The default is to generate non-qualified table names. For more information, see the To set AppMaster Builder preferences topic and the Data View reference topic.