To import generated data views

Restriction: This topic applies only when the AppMaster Builder AddPack has been installed, and applies only to Windows platforms.
  1. From the Data View Explorer, right-click the main Data Views entry; then select Import Data Views from the context menu.
  2. Click Load to populate the list of generated data views in the project\group DDISYMB subdirectory.
  3. Use the fields and controls available on the Import Data Views dialog box to select data views to import. For a description of each field and control, see the Import Data Views reference topic.
  4. When all data views you want to import are checked on the list, click Import.
  5. View the progress of data view generation in the AppMaster Builder Console.
  6. After the import is complete, on the Data View Explorer, right-click Data Views; then select Refresh from the context menu.