To set up an NFS client

The client machine must be configured in /etc/exports on the server machine and the NFS service must be started. You must also ensure that:
  • the mount command is version 2.1 or later. To check the version, enter the following at a command prompt:
    mount -V
  • the NFS file system is supported. The /proc/filesystems file should contain a line with an "nfs" string. If not, run the following command:
    insmod nfs
The following steps describe how you mount the remote server directory on your client machine.
From a command prompt enter the following:
mount server:remote_dir local_dir
  • server is the IP address of the server with a running NFS service.
  • remote_dir is the remote directory you want to mount on your client machine.
  • local_dir is the local directory. It must already exist on the local machine.

For example:

mount /home/user1/mnt/