Using NFS

The Network File System (NFS) protocol allows a client machine to access files over a network connection in a similar manner to how local storage on the client machine is accessed. The protocol is common with client/server installations running UNIX and Linux.

NFS requires configuration on both the client and server machines. Each client machine accessing the server needs an entry in the /etc/exports on the server and the remote drive mounted on the client machine.

The topicTo verify that NFS is running contains important pre-requisite information on setting up NFS. It is recommended that you read this topic before you attempt the specific server and client set up tasks.

The NFS help provided with your product allows you to create a simple configuration and has been tested on Red Hat Linux 4.x and 5.x using kernel 2.6. For other aspects of NFS, for example, security, and for operating system specifics, it is recommended that you consult your operating system documentation.