Customizing the Application on the Mainframe

An administrator should check the following one-time customizations to ensure the BankDemo tutorial runs in your z/OS environment and is available to all users.
  1. This sample application uses the REXX procedures TAUTOXCC for compiling COBOL batch and CICS programs, and the REXX procedure TAUTOXCA for compiling Assembler programs. To point to the right compiler load libraries and the CICS pre-processor, both REXX procedures have to be customized, which should have been already done after the z/Server installation. For details see ISPF Exits in the Workflow Manager Modeling Guide. If this is not customized, the remote syntax check action used in this demo will not work properly. If you are using the PL/I sample as well, the REXX procedure TAUTOXCP is used to compile PL/I sources.
  2. This tutorial uses the AWM "MVS Projects Sample Application" which is part of the z/Server installation. The corresponding AWM model MVSCONF is by default already part of the AWM master configuration file. For details see Master Configuration in the Workflow Manager Modeling Guide and Enable Model Configuration in the z/Server Installation Guide. The entries below are required in the master configuration file, with the dataset names adapted to your installation names. The syslib entries entered here are default values for this application. Don't change the string "&userid." which will be replaced with the TSO userid at run time. The datasets &userid..BANKVSAM.MACLIB and &userid..BANKVSAM.COPYLIB have been installed when executing the RECEIVE job for this tutorial. The PL/I syslib entry is only relevant for this tutorial, if you have installed the PL/I sample as well.
    * YOUR zOS System
    * Enter a unique logical name for this mainframe system
    System: My System Name
    * MVS Projects Sample Application
    * application name
    Appl: MVS Projects Sample Application
    * location of the application configuration file
    Conf: mvs:'++HLQ++.ZSERVER.XML(MVSCONF)'
    * property settings