Installing the Application on the Mainframe

To run through the mainframe tutorial, you first need to install some demo files on your mainframe. These files are delivered in an XMIT file, containing the source files required to run the tutorial.

The MFA server installation contains a JCL file RECBNKDM which can be used to submit the necessary TSO RECEIVE commands. You will find this file in the data set hlq.MFA.CNTL.

Note: Your z/Server installation dataset first qualifiers might be different.

Customize this JCL file before submitting:

  • Add a valid job card.
  • Change the string "userid" to your TSO userid.
  • Change the string hlq.ZSERVER.SAMPLIB to your installation MFA installation SAMPLIB dataset name.

Submit this JCL, and verify in the job output that all RECEIVE commands were successfully executed.

Note: To use a PL/I sample, in addition, customize and submit the JCL RECSTFDM.