Create a Maven-based project

In Enterprise Developer, you can create COBOL JVM projects and COBOL JVM unit test projects that are Maven-based; that is, they are typical COBOL projects capable of being part of a Maven life-cycle.
  1. While in the Team Developer perspective, click File > New > Other.
  2. In the New dialog box, select Maven > Maven Project, and then click Next.

    The New Maven Project wizard is displayed.

  3. Edit the default options, as appropriate, and then click Next.

    A list of the installed Maven archetypes is displayed.

  4. Select the appropriate Micro Focus archetype, and then click Next:
    • microfocus-coboljvm-archetype for a project containing JVM COBOL.
    • microfocus-coboljvm-mfunit-archetype for a project containing JVM COBOL unit tests
    The New Maven Project dialog box is displayed.
  5. Enter the unique identifier details for the Maven artifact, and any additional project properties.
    Note: These details can be amended by editing the POM.xml file when the project is created.
  6. Click Finish.

    The COBOL project is added to the workspace. The project includes a POM.xml file that contains the Maven-specific settings, such as the identifier details just specified. It also contains some Micro Focus-specific goals required to build a Maven artifact. Once created, it is your responsibility to keep the POM updated with specific build actions/goals, and dependencies; any changes to the Micro Focus settings within the project are not automatically reflected within the POM.