Working with Apache Maven

You can now incorporate the building of your local COBOL JVM, and COBOL JVM unit test projects into your Maven life-cycle.

Maven support is probably already supplied as part of your Eclipse IDE, in the form of the official Maven plugin: M2Eclipse. If it is not, you can easily install it using Help > Install New Software.

Micro Focus provides two archetypes - microfocus-coboljvm-archetype for COBOL JVM projects, and microfocus-coboljvm-mfunit-archetype for COBOL JVM unit test projects. Use these to create new Maven-based projects of those types. These projects can still be built as you would any other conventional JVM COBOL or JVM COBOL unit test project, but they are now also capable of being built for Maven: using the M2Eclipse plugin, you can build and package your COBOL output as Maven artifacts, and manage your Maven repositories.

You can also make your existing JVM COBOL and JVM COBOL unit testing projects Maven-based by using the Convert to Maven Project option.

Maven-based projects contain a pom.xml file, which is central to Maven. On making a Micro Focus project Maven-based, some Micro Focus-specific goals are added to the POM in order to incorporate these COBOL projects into a Maven life-cycle when they are built. For more information on the Maven life-cycle, refer to the Maven Getting Started Guide.

After the initial creation of the POM, if you are building the project using Maven, you are responsible for updating it when new dependencies, exclusions, etc.. are added to your project. The M2Eclipse plugin provides a form-based POM editor that allows you to easily manage such edits; for more information on maintaining and building for Maven using the plugin, refer to the M2Eclipse home page.

You can also build your COBOL projects using the Maven framework on the command line if you have the full version of Maven installed.