Securing a remote SSH connection

If you are connecting to a remote host using one of the SSH connections (Micro Focus DevHub using SSH or Micro Focus DevHub SSH Only), you can secure the connection using private/public keys.

These steps assume that you already have a working remote host connection using one of the connection types mentioned above.

  1. On the Window menu, select Preferences.

    The Preferences dialog box is displayed.

  2. Select General > Network Connections > SSH2.
  3. In the SSH2 pane, click the Key Management tab.
  4. Click Generate RSA Key.

    The public key hash is generated.

    Note: At this point, you could also have generated a DSA key, or loaded an existing key; the remainder of the process is the same for all of these options.
  5. If you would like to use a passphrase with the keys, enter it into the Passphrase and Confirm passphrase fields.
  6. Click Export Via SFTP. The Export SSH Key to Remote Server via SFTP dialog box is displayed.
  7. In the Target site field, enter the location on the server in which the key should reside, using the notation <user-name>@<connection-name>, and then click OK.
  8. On the Key Management tab, click Save Private Key, and then save the key to the default location.
  9. To ensure that the key pairs are used during remote connection, in preference of other connection methods, click the Authentication Methods tab, select publickey, and move it to the top of the list.
  10. Click Apply and Close.
The next time you connect to the remote host using the connection and user that was targeted, simply click OK (without entering a password) on the Enter Password dialog box if no passphrase was specified. If a passphrase was specified, you need to enter it the first time you connect, and then not again until Eclipse is restarted.