To create a connection to a remote host

Important: If you use one of the non-Micro Focus connection types (for example 'Linux' or 'Unix') from the Remote System Explorer perspective to create a connection, choose SSH as the file system provider if you intend to use the connection for remote projects whose file system is RSE. You do this by selecting ssh.files in the Configuration box at the Files step of the wizard. Selecting a different file system provider will cause performance and stability problems. The remote host must have SSH installed and enabled.
  1. From the Remote Systems Explorer perspective, click Define a connection to a remote system (Define a connection to a remote system).

    The New Connection wizard appears.

  2. In the Choose file system field, select the connection type with which to interact with the remote host, and then click Next.
  3. Click Next.

    The System Connection details appear.

  4. In the Host name field, enter the name or IP address of the remote host.
  5. In the Connection name field, enter a unique name for the connection.
  6. In the Description field, enter a description for the connection (not mandatory).
  7. If you want to test the connection to the remote host before the connection details are saved, click Verify host name.
  8. If you selected the Micro Focus DevHub SSH Only connection type, click Next, and then in the Location field, enter the full path to the installation folder of the Micro Focus Enterprise Developer UNIX Components.

    You can click Next to view further settings, but they can be left at their default state.

  9. Click Finish.

    If you selected Verify host name, an attempt to verify the host name is made; if a connection cannot be established, you must enter valid details before the connection can be saved.

To change any of the connection settings afterwards, open the Remote Systems Explorer perspective, right-click on the connection and select Properties. You can view and edit the connection details on the Connector Services and Host tabs. For Micro Focus DevHub SSH Only connection types, an additional subsystem -DevHub Ssh Access - also allows you to update the Location settings of the Micro Focus Enterprise Developer UNIX Components if the product location changes or was incorrectly specified.